At BIOMIMETICS SYMPATHIES, various occupations collaborate to advance regenerative medicine. Four positions are introduced
here: “research and development,” “cell culture/quality control,” “business promotion,” and “administration.” All of these involve
work that give a sense of pushing the advancement of cutting-edge healthcare forward through one’s own efforts.

Research and development staff

Creating new treatment options in the frontline of regenerative medicine

There are two main missions for research and development staffs. The first is to expand the potential of regenerative medicine using highly safe AOF cell culture technology. There is a wide range of activities, including developing manufacturing methods for MSC that are effective for refractory diseases and licensing out developed culture technologies and cells. The second is to explore new drug seeds. The purpose is to discover new drug seeds by investigating the mechanisms how MSC cure diseases in detail. In addition, if there are active components in the secretions of MSC, we aim to identify the active components from the secretions.

With either of these activities, there are many situations where we collaborate and interact with partners who are at the forefront of regenerative medicine, such as medical institutions, research institutes, universities, and large pharmaceutical companies, and we also actively conduct joint research and provide technologies for regenerative medicine. This position will provide new healthcare options for individuals suffering from diseases and disabilities around the world by establishing novel approaches to refractory diseases,.


Manufacturing/Quality control staff

Creating cells with our unique regenerative
medicine technology to fight refractory diseases

This is a position that contributes to the development of regenerative medicine through activities such as manufacturing and quality control of cell products for which our company has been conducting research for a long time. MSC cultured in Animal Origin Free (AOF) medium developed by us showed excellent immunosuppressive and anti-cancer effects. Through cell culture, this position appropriately changes the characteristics of MSC corresponding to each disease, such as autoimmune disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, this position also oversees management of facility equipment and the maintenance of standard operating procedures. The organizational structure is small-scale, so there is easy communication with not only superiors and colleagues but also with upper management. This open-work culture allows employees to easily propose new cell culture and management methods.


Business promotion staff

Facing the issues of regenerative medicine head on and considering new ways of providing support

This position communicates with medical institutions that administer regenerative medicine to promote our company’s cell culture technologies and products. Specifically, this entails overseeing presentations of products developed in-house, such as reagents, medical-related devices, and cosmetics, and developing new businesses. The position will transfer our company’s development policies and the features of our technologies and know-how to create a system that can deliver technologies to more individuals.

In addition, another important role is to create new synergies in the regenerative medicine field by providing consultations on issues faced by partners and promoting technology transfers (licensing out or in). This is a position that leads to creating unprecedented methods/options for healthcare and support.


Administration staff

Accelerating the spread of regenerative medicine through various support activities

This position provides logistics support for business activities through general affairs, accounting, contracting, organizational management, and management support. Since there are many opportunities to provide technical support/licenses for cell culture technologies and cell products at our company, this position will engage in contract activities for these. Through careful daily support, this position will support to spread regenerative medicine technologies and know-how that our company has cultivated to the world, resulting in helping individuals who are fighting diseases and disabilities.

In addition, another important mission is to create an environment where employees and managers can concentrate on their work. This position will support daily research and development by organizing official documents, managing supplies, as well as accounting activities, issuing invoices, and managing payments. This position plays an important role in widely delivering new healthcare options.




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