About BioMimetics Sympathies


Origin of our company name and company’s logo

Fibonacci number

Our company’s logo represents the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is ubiquitous in nature and is known as a natural law for organisms to live efficiently.

For example, the Fibonacci sequence can be found in the arrangement of the leaves of a plant to receive light exposure efficiently or the arrangement of sunflower seeds for efficient positioning. In addition, the ratio of major grooves and minor grooves seen in the double strand of DNA is similar to the golden ratio behind the Fibonacci sequence. These are not created by humans but occur naturally in nature.

These beautiful and functional commonalities may lie hidden in nature.

We work to contribute to a better future by delivering regenerative medicine to patients. We know that the treatment of intractable diseases also results in our happiness. In research and development to deliver promising cellular medicinal products to patients as early as possible, we see it as important to understand the law according to which cells efficiently function.

We exist as a company to develop highly effective cellular medicinal products for intractable diseases by mimicking (Mimetics) laws in organisms (Bio), including the Fibonacci sequence and creating a high synergistic effect through combinations of such laws (Sympathies). Our company name, BioMimetics Sympathies, and the company’s logo are based on our thought of “Learning from nature for a better world!”


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