Job openings

A. Research and development
B. Manufacturing/Quality control 
C. Business promotion
D. Accounting 

※ Recruitment is currently closed. Thank you for your application.

Job details
A. Research and development

This position will oversee the research and development of mesenchymal stem cells that are highly effective for the treatment of refractory diseases. Specifically, tasks include the development of culture media, establishment of cell-based assays, management of joint research, planning and outsourcing of pharmacology studies, development of mass-culture technologies, and conduct of exosome research and development. The candidate will also take on the challenge of elucidating the therapeutic mechanisms of mesenchymal stem cells and discovering and developing new drug seeds.

B. Manufacturing/Quality control

The position will oversee manufacturing, quality control, and other activities associated with support for regenerative medicine. Specifically, this includes mesenchymal stem cell culture in clean rooms, material management and cleaning, and cell culture activities associated with technology transfers and consulting support at other medical institutions.

C. Business promotion

This position will oversee planning new businesses and promoting existing businesses. Specifically, this includes the planning and development of new businesses and products, promotion and presentation of products developed in-house, promotion of technology transfer to suppliers within Japan and overseas, and consulting and business support for regenerative medicine and healthcare-related devices.

D. Accounting

This position will oversee accounting and associated general affairs. Specifically, this includes working on the cash balance, issuance of invoices and receipts, deposit/withdrawal management, expense settlement, settlement of accounts, budget application and maintenance, document management and maintenance, and other equipment management.

Job qualifications
A. Research and development


  • Those with a master’s degree or a doctorate degree related to biology, medicine, or pharmacy
  • Those proficient in research on functional analyses using cultured cells (molecular biology/biochemistry)
  • Those who have been second or subsequent author papers


  • Those who have been first author papers
  • Those with experience in bioassay research using cultured cells
  • Those with experience in research to identify functional genes/proteins/molecules in cells
  • Those proficient in omics data analysis such as RNA-Seq
  • Those with experience in animal experiments
B. Manufacturing/Quality control


  • Those with practical experience in cell culture
  • Those who graduated from a technical school, college, or university in biology or biology-related field


  • Those who are registered as clinical laboratory technicians
  • Those who are registered clinical cell culture technicians or advanced clinical cell culture technicians
  • Those with other qualifications related to medical technology
C. Business promotion


  • Those with experiences in business development, promotion, and presentations
  • Those with at least conversational English skills (speaking, reading, writing)


  • Those with experiences in business development, promotion, and presentations in the healthcare industry
  • Those with experience in medical or scientific research
  • Those with experience in developing cosmetics or medical devices
  • Those with business level English proficiency, other language skills (speaking, reading, writing)
  • Those with licensing-out experiences
  • Those with experience in management, being executive officers or managers
D. Accounting


  • Those with accounting experience at a business company (around at least 3 years of experience)


  • Those with experience working for a listed company
Desired personal characteristics
  • Those with a venture company mindset
  • Those who can communicate with the management team and members of a wide range of ages as a member helping the organization develop through collaboration and interactions with other departments
Office location

Time 24 building, 2-4-32 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Type of employment

Full-time employee (with a probationary period)


This will be decided after the interview, taking the current annual income into consideration.

■ Case 1. 〜3.4 million JPY
Base salary: From 215,000 JPY
Fixed overtime pay: From 33,340 JPY
Monthly salary: From 248,340 JPY
■ Case 2. 〜4.0 million JPY
Base salary: From 253,000 JPY
Fixed overtime pay: From 39,240 JPY
Monthly salary: From 292,240 JPY

※Fixed overtime pay is calculated based on “20 hours”. The fixed overtime payment will be made even if the required hours are not met. Additional payment will be made if the hours exceed 20 hours.
※Raise possible (depending on performance and results).

Benefits/ miscellaneous income
  • Overtime allowance
  • Statutory holiday allowance
  • Late-night premiums, etc.
  • Salary increase: April (whether this is given and the amount are based on the company’s performance and individual evaluation)
  • Bonuses: In the summer and winter (whether this is given and the amount are based on the company’s performance and individual evaluation)
  • Social insurance (health insurance, employee pension insurance, employment insurance, workers’ accident insurance)
  • Retirement age: 60 years old (with a re-employment system available)
Work hours

9:00 to 18:00 (break: 12:00 to 13:00)
* Overtime work: possible

  • Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays
  • Year-end and new year holidays
  • Annual paid leave
  • Statutory leave
  • Special holiday leave (summer, congratulatory or condolence events, disasters, influenza, job transfer, overseas business trips)
How to apply

Please prepare your “Curriculum Vitae (photo required)” and apply using the application form. After screening the documents, you will be informed of the results. Those whose documents pass screening will be invited in for an interview.