About joint venture and culture medium business in China

Biomimetics Sympathies Inc. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Naoki Urushihata) ,Bloomage Biotechnology Hainan Co., Ltd. (President: Dingka, hereinafter ” Bloomage Hainan”) and Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ikuno-ku, Osaka City; President: Masashi Sugimoto, hereinafter “Rohto Pharmaceutical”) , including multiple companies decided to establish a joint venture in Hainan Island, China, in order to carry out the medium business for regenerative medicine.

The joint venture will be established in the national high-tech zone of Haikou City, Hainan Province, with the main businesses of research and development, manufacturing and sales of regenerative medicine technology and culture media. After its establishment, the joint venture will focus on the development of media for mesenchymal stem cells, aiming for sustainable growth by selling those media, developing stem cell preparations, and obtaining clinical trials and approval.

Demand for the global media market has increased significantly with the rapid expansion of biopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine, and research estimates that the global cell culture medium market will reach US $ 8.24 billion in 2028. (Data source: Huajing Industrial Research Institute). In the Chinese medium market, imported products still occupy a major market share, but due to the pandemic of COVID-19 infection and various factors of international affairs, switch to medium produced in China is considered important

Hainan Free Trade Port, where the joint venture will be established, is an important area for the development of strategic regenerative medicine business. In 2020, Bloomage Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the parent company of Bloomage Biotechnology Hainan, will build “Huahe Biotechnology Industry Park” in Hainan Free Trade Port, and in 2022, it was selected as an important project list in Hainan Province. By the end of 2023, they will build a culture medium production line in the Science and Technology Industrial Park of Huawei Biology, and cooperate with the joint company to rapidly form an industrial ecosystem from research and development to sales of culture media.

Establishing the joint venture, we will conclude strategic partnerships with related companies, engaging each other’s respective strength, and work diligently to promote the development of the culture medium business in China.

Bloomage Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Bloomage Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (688363.SH) established in 2000,which is one of the world’s leading biotechnology company, based on synthetic biotechnology, is committed to improve the quality of life, extend the life span, and provide health and beauty to humankind.
Bloomage mainly focus on the development and industrial application of bioactive substances that are useful for life and health, such as functional sugars, proteins, polypeptides, amino acids, nucleotides and naturally active compounds.
Bloomage Biotechnology (Hainan) Co., Ltd.
Bloomage Biology entered Hainan in 2020, established Bloomage Biotechnology (Hainan) Co., Ltd., and established Huawei Biotechnology Industry Park. The Bloomage Biotechnology Industry Park will be constructed in three phases, with a total building area of 65,000 square meters. This project has been adopted as a priority project in Hainan Province in 2022.
Bloomage Biotechnology Industry Park is an important strategic placement of the company, Hainan will help the “medical beauty industry international alliance leading zone, high quality development normal zone, standardized development model zone”, and it will be the second curve of the company’s rapid growth.
Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Under the comprehensive management vision 2030 “Connect for Well-being,” they are focusing on regenerative medicine as one of their business expansion areas, in addition to the manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals such as eye drops, cosmetics, and functional foods, which have the top share in the OTC market. On the other hand, conduct research mainly for the treatment of unmet medical needs using adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells, and manufacture and sell a medium (AOF medium) that does not contain animal / human-derived components that was born in the development process.
Biomimetics Sympathies Inc.
A regenerative medicine company that has strengths in developing media for culturing cells that are more effective against specific diseases. Our medium is a safe and effective medium that does not use human or animal-derived materials, and the company contributes to the development of regenerative medicine through the provision of culture technology. Utilizing the medium development know-how of mesenchymal stem cells accumulated over many years, we are engaged in contract development from external companies and license out for high value-added media.

Biomimetics Sympathies Co., Ltd.
Research and Development Department (person in charge: Katsuyuki Oki)
〒135-0064 Time 24 Building 19th floor 2-4-32 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-5500-6330 FAX: +81-3-5500-6336
Public relations email address:kouhou@bm-s.biz

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