A joint research paper about pain releif by MSC cultured with our AOF medium has been published in “PLOS ONE”.

It has been published in “PLOS ONE” that mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) cultured with our AOF medium has therapeutic effect on neuropathic pain.
Using a rat model of partial sciatic nerve ligation (PSNL) as a neuropathic pain model, we investigated the effects and mechanisms of intravenous administration of human adipose (AD) or umbilical cord (UC)-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). As a result, in addition to reducing the pain response (von Fray test), it was demonstrated that the expression level of ATF-3 protein induced by PSNL in the dorsal root ganglion was significantly suppressed, suggesting that neuropathic pain was alleviated by MSC administration. Additionally, UC-MSC significantly ameliorated the PSNL-induced decrease in myelin basic protein levels in the sciatic nerve, implying that UC-MSC restores demyelination in the sciatic nerve. These data suggest that AD- and UC-MSC may be useful in the recovery of neuropathic pain.

Miyano K. et al., Intravenous administration of human mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue and umbilical cord improves neuropathic pain via suppression of neuronal damage and anti-inflammatory actions in rats. PLoS One. 2022 Feb 14;17(2):e0262892.

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