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Since its establishment in 2000, BioMimetics Sympathies has conducted business related to products or technological developments that can help individuals with diseases or disorders.

Unfortunately, a percentage of people live their lives to the fullest with such burdens as serious diseases, severe residual disabilities due to accidents, and congenital impairments in any age. More improvement is seen owing to increased cooperation by communities, improved understanding by companies, or laws to develop a better working environment. However, necessary treatments for impairments or diseases of individuals remain limited.

When I, the founder of this company, was a mere child, I suffered from a serious heart disease and felt the fear of cancer. Although I was injured all over from difficult surgeries and repeated treatments, I am thankful for my life being saved, and so I have promoted the regenerative medicine business in the hope of helping society.

Finally, I have succeeded in completing the safest possible method for culturing stem cells. I have successfully completed several types of Animal Origin-Free (AOF) media composed only of ingredients not of animal or human origin and enable the growth of stem cells. These media are highly expected to be free of contamination from unknown viruses. To our knowledge, these media are the only media in the world to conform to this standard up to secondary raw materials. In recent years, cases of viral transmission from animals living with humans for thousands of years, such as deer, pigs, cows, birds, and cats, to humans have been reported. This is terrible because there are often no established treatments for such infections. (I am now writing these sentences, and a warning for Ebola virus is being announced on the airplane.) Therefore, AOF technology is one of the requirements lying at the center of regenerative medicine.

In conducting business, we, BioMimetics Sympathies, have received appreciative words or letters conveying genuine emotion from individuals with diseases or physical disabilities or their families after treatment. We will continue research and development activities in the field of regenerative medicine to deliver such treatments.

Our culture technology has previously been used in clinical practice in which treatment is provided under a plan to provide regenerative medicine and in clinical trials of cell therapy and gene therapy products as drugs.

We know that regenerative medicine absolutely has great potential to provide unprecedented therapeutic opportunities.

BioMimetics Sympathies will work together in favor of patients.

Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.


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